In Memoriam

The memory of your loved ones lives on forever through Summit International's memorial giving page.

In loving memory of Michael & Gertrude Commini


The Michael A & Gertrude V Commini Memorial Fund
Raised to date: $5,000.00
In memory of Michael A Commini, who passed in 2013 and Gertrude V Commini, who passed in 2014, Dr. Commini established this fund to honor the memory of his parents. Since 2014, funds raised have supported LYDIA Inc and the general administrative needs of Summit International.

In loving memory of Charles Commini


The Charles A. Commini Memorial Fund
Raised to date: $3,000.00
In memory of Charles A Commini, beloved uncle of Dr. Commini, who passed away January 21, 2021 at the age of 95. Funds raised will be used to support LYDIA Inc. and the Caribbean-American College of Business, Technology & English in the Dominican Republic.


Do you have a loved one you'd like to memorialize? Click the Donate button above, choose an amount to donate in their memory and tell us the name of the person being honored and how you would like Summit International to use the funds raised.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash